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LAUSD Teachers who wish to participate in an InfoTech 2007: Showcase exhibit or one of three InfoTech 2007: Competition events can find details on this website!

LAUSD Employees who are planning to attend InfoTech 2007 may register on the Learning Zone.

Search method: Learning Zone > Login > Search in Class Offerings
Program (use pull-down menu) “InfoTech 2007 Conference”
Sub Districts: “All”
Register in the class "InfoTech 2007: LAUSD Employee Registration"

Parents of children participating in the InfoTech 2007: Competition or InfoTech 2007: Showcase events can register for the event with your child's teacher.


Parents and Members of the Community may attend the 11th Annual Parent Summit Conference from 8:00 - 3:00 and visit the InfoTech 2007 Conference. For the Parent Summit Conference registration information, go to your school's Parent Center or wait for the Spring 2007 "Parent's Press Quarterly".

Visitor Onsite Registration will be available for anyone at the Conference.
Note: There will be no childcare services provided.
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